Girl on Guy Podcast With Aisha Tyler

ANOTHER FAVORITE PODCAST is GIRL ON GUY, hosted by Aisha Tyler. I first became a fan of Tyler’s via her being a regular on the Stephanie Miller radio show, through which I discovered that she’s a very smart and funny standup; her DVD and comedy album Aisha Tyler is Lit  still makes me laugh every time I listen to it nearly seven years later (“Every kiss begins with “k”, bitch!”).  She’s also the funny, sultry voice of the ultra-cool Lana Kane on the brilliant FX animated series Archer. And if that’s not enough she’s a host of Whose Line Is It Anyway? and is a regular on the CBS daytime gabfest The Talk.

And if that’s still not enough, since 2009 there’s GIRL ON GUY (brilliant name, right?). It’s basically a long-form interview show, where she has compelling conversations and a lot of laughs with actors, comedians, writers, musicians and many other interesting, artistic people.  The new episode, featuring Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro is no exception.

Navarro is far more interesting than I expected who’s got a lot more going on than I ever knew. If you thin he sits around getting new tattoos between Jane’s Addiction tours, thing again!  With Aisha he discusses his life and career, with the focus on his new documentary film Mourning Son which chronicles his mother’s murder when he was a teenager, and how he dealt with it. I definitely felt a lot of kinship with his story and the discussion why and how he made the film is fascinating. Click below:


Worth a listen, as are all of Aisha’s podcast episodes. Check out all the episodes and archives here. You can stream Girl on Guy direct from your web browser and you can get episodes at iTunes, Google Play, via RSS and likely anywhere you can download podcasts.



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