Jury Duty

I’M GETTING really hung up on never being picked for jury duty.

Nope, not even selected to be screened.  I’m really puzzled. Is it me? I’m 48, an upstanding citizen, I vote, own a home, have a good job, pay taxes, have an IRA, not a lot of debt, no criminal record..I don’t get it.

People will say “you don’t want to be picked!” Au contraire! I really do. Besides doing my civic duty, it just interests me. That 12 people who never met are charged with carefully weighing all the facts in a case and deciding and a person’s guilt or innocence is really a remarkable way to practice jurisprudence. Think of all the countries and political systems who don’t decide justice by jury.

Is it me? Do they know my personal life is floundering on the sea of rudderless destiny?  Does the justice system know that I border on on ADHD? I know people my age who have been picked twice. I want the experience at least once! Please?



  1. I can understand you wanting to serve and agree. It’s all about the timing. I’ve been picked twice. No waiting on phone list for Monday. Timing again not right. Supposed to be visiting colleges with my son next week. Ugh!


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