From a “Dad’s Advice to His Kids”

From yesterday’s post comes this:

“Failure — whether it’s a failed jump shot, a failed relationship, a bankrupt company, or a scoop of ice cream falling off the cone — is a data point. Aspire to love data the way a father loves his sometimes obstreperous three boys: because of, not in spite of, their imperfections.”

That makes a lot of sense.

To love the data is to learn and grow from it.

That, for the first time, is what I’m doing now. Prior breakups I would obsess over what happened, vowing to do things right, but not really knowing what to do and how. This time, I’ve really been examining why things went awry and from that figure out how and what to do to improve, and more importantly, avoid having issues and problems in the first place. Included in that is to examine what may have been  missing that led to our breaking up. That’s been tough to do. It’s hard on your ego. You just have to strip everything away.

The motivation to do all that comes from wanting her back with me so badly, a desire to make things right, and how much I love her. The strength to keep the motivation comes from the creeping realization that she doesn’t have the strength to do the same.  Maybe that’s the difference: I never quit. Or maybe I don’t have the sense to. That’s all secondary, though. I just want to love the data.

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