New Book “Eternal Troubadour”a Fascinating Bio on Tiny Tim

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TINY TIM was an American original, to say the least. He was a reality TV star before there was such a thing. His 1969 wedding to Miss Vicky on the Tonight Show had 40,000,000+ watch—still a huge audience today. He appeared regularly on Laugh-In, Merv Griffin, Howard Stern and many other shows. His signature song, “Tiptoe Thru The Tulips” was a worldwide smash.

Tiny was more than a caricature, he was an expert and master interpreter of early American song. While often characterized as an oddball curio his story is one of Shakespearean tragedy framed around a bizarre yet loveable public persona. After reaching the height of stardom his star began to fade and Tiny would spend the rest of his life trying to revive his career—with many of his attempts taking a turn toward the absurd.

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ETERNAL TROUBADOUR: the IMPROBABLE LIFE OF TINY TIM, by Justin Martell and Alanna Wray McDonald is the most in-depth bio on Tiny ever written. Drawing on over one hundred interviews with family, friends and associates, plus access to Tiny’s diaries, which have never before made pub-lic, ETERNAL TROUBADOUR is an incredible true story of one of the most fascinating yet misunderstood figures in the history of popular music.




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