Song Spotlight: “I Love You Honey (But I Hate Your Friends)”

Mornimg Music: “I Love You Honey (But I Hate Your Friends)” from Cheap Trick’s All Shook Up album. Produced by the late Sir George Martin. I’ve never been able to definitively say which Cheap Trick album is my favorite but if there’s a running total of which one I’ve played the most thru the years, this is probably up there. I listen to it several times a year. “Stop This Game” is an all-time fave…”World’s Greatest Lover” is an epic ballad and there’s some Rick Nielsen quirkiness with songs like “High Priest of Rhythmic Noise” and “I Love You Honey.”

Coming right after Dream Police in 1980, at the peak of their popularity, a lot of critics were disappointed. And it’s not as good as DP, but sonically, thanks to Martin and his trusted engineer Geoff Emerick, it’s as good as anything the band ever did. And it still sounds amazing, and like everything Martin produced, doesn’t sound dated. It’s got the best drum sound the band ever captured in the studio, and Tom Petersson’s 12-string rumble is massive on some songs, like on “I Love You Honey.”


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