Pretend You’re In A War: The Who & The Sixties (Aurum Press)

A review on a new book about The Who, “Pretend You’re In A War – The Who & The Sixties”

“…it is one of the most comprehensive biographies of this very important rock band’s first decade.”

The Recoup

pretend youre in a warPretend You’re In A War: The Who & The Sixties
Mark Blake
Aurum Press

When asked how one could prepare for the intensity of his band’s live show, Who guitarist and songwriter Pete Townshend replied, “Pretend you’re in a war.” Mark Blake’s biography of The Who uses this humorous quip as its title, and one soon learns just how accurate Townshend’s statement was. If anything, that statement is an understatement, for as one delves into the story, one discovers just how lucky we are that the band even survived the decade.

In many ways, the initial story of The Who isn’t radically different from that of many of their contemporaries: lower-to-middle class boys who did poorly in grammar school gravitated towards American rock and roll and British skiffle music, developing a love of Rhythm & Blues, often while attending art school. But what makes their story different is just…

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