“You Get What You Give”

One day, recent events struck me as how apropos this song title is. And then the very next morning, I heard it on Cities 97. Actually, just a snippet of it, very early in the morning.  But like so many great songs, that’s all you need.

I hadn’t heard it in awhile and was reminded how this is just a stellar pop/rock song that I will never tire of hearing.

There is a professional connection to this song – I worked for MCA Records in 1998 when this was first released. The first time I ever heard it was weeks in advance of it hitting radio when my boss and I played it for some Best Buy buyers at the Universal Distribution office.

The reaction was immediate; from the verses to the chorus, this song just demanded your ears. I recall my initial thought was that it reminded me of the Waterboys – that song “Hole In The Moon”: that driving beat, the whole song an anthem, really, with an uplifting chorus, loud, persistent vocals. The production jumps out of the speakers.  Alas, while the song was eventually a big success, the band and album were not.

The lyrics are at times defiant and humorous (especially the bridge), but that chorus…”you get what you give.”  Amazing the lyrics really hit me now, 16 (!) years later; amazing and down right ridiculous that it’s taken me twice that amount of time to realize those words sum up just about everything you’ll ever do in your life.

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