Shameless Self-Promotion Department: “Johnny Football”

Been having a blast doing the PR & Marketing for the new book, “JOHNNY FOOTBALL: JOHNNY MANZIEL’S WILD RIDE FROM OBSCURITY TO LEGEND AT TEXAS A&M” by Mike Shropshire

Given that just about every pro football fan is interested in the draft, and there’s a ton of interest in Manziel,  I’ve managed to get a lot of press for the author.  This has included the NFL Network morning show, “NFL A.M.” last Monday, some print and lot’s of local sports radio.  Upcoming this week and next, Shropshire will be on:

  • KGO/KSFO in San Francisco – taped interview Tuesday, will be used throughout the week in sports updates/news casts
  •  WHBC/Canton – TODAY, May 7 on the Sam Bourquin Show at 4:35 central time (cst)
  •  KRLD – “THE FAN”/Dallas – Thursday, May 8, 1:15 cst
  •  NBC Sports Radio AM1060/Phoenix – Thursday, 5:30 cst
  •  ESPN Radio/Las Vegas – Thursday
  •  WDBO/Orlando – Thursday, May 15 – 1:00 p.m. cst

Mike is a witty and sarcastic old Texan – and sounds great on the radio.  Its a cool perspective to pitch – a Texan writing about a Texan (Manziel) and the book itself is really fun and interesting.  “Johnny Football ” gives an inside look at Manziel’s meteoric rise from rural Texas to becoming a star with the Aggies and being the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy. Shropshire’s wit is all over it, giving a Texan’s look at the second religion in the state (football) and what Manziel meant and accomplished during his two seasons at Texas A&M.

The book is hitting stores now – or at least should be – and is available at all outlets that sell books on the interwebs.  Alternately, you can also enter to win the book – just click on the picture!


Johnny Football




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