Feeling Lucky, Tiger?

When I first moved here in 1994 I joined Northwest Raquet Club (later bought and renamed by Lifetime Fitness) and was thrilled to see that they supplied some toiletries in the locker room.  Most notable was a hair tonic, Lucky Tiger.

I’ve had a penchant for trying just about any sort of cream, paste, gel, mousse, or liquid as a finishing move on my not-so-golden locks so I was very excited to try this new product.  I was always curious about hair tonic, whatever that actually entailed.  I just figured that if it made sense way, way, way back in the day, it would work for me.

And it did work!  Depending on how much I used, depending on whether it was the bottle that said “WITH FINE OILS” or without, it worked!  Just a dab would mean everything stayed nice and smooth and didn’t dry out.  A nice amount, especially the version with those fine oils meant I could get a nice slicked back look.

The only place I could find Lucky Tiger was at the gym and boy was I disappointed to find the new owners Lifetime would not be stocking their locker rooms with my favorite product.  I searched and searched, never finding it in stores, never finding it at wholesale beauty supply places.  Now this was pre-Amazon, pre-me having a computer,and I soon moved on to other products. Once I found it in the men’s room at the Buca restaurant in St. Paul…that was a good night!

I’ve since moved on to other hair care products and forgot about Lucky Tiger. Until the other day, that is, while on Amazon.  And lo and behold those memories of the perfect hair care product came flooding back.


Still Available Now!
Still Available Now!

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