The Oddfathers and the Saint Valentines Day Massacre!

Great post at a great blog about a great band. Thank you Mark!

Full Disclosure

Last night I took a solo trip to Minneapolis to take in The Oddfathers EP release show.

The party was held at HiFi Hair and Records.  I had never been there before.  Cool place.

Lots of vinyl but some cassettes and cds too.  Also, a hair salon next door.  The first thing that struck me last night is that, whomever I encountered, they were all extremely NICE.

I know it was Valentines Day but there was a “nice” vibe to the entire proceeding that I simply reveled in.  I loved it.  I hung out with some the guys that work for K-Twin radio while waiting for the event to start.  About that time my friend Bryan and Joanna showed up.  We went a couple of doors down to where the band was playing and some of the guys were already there.

We were soon greeted my Mr. Brynn Arens, and…

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