A Favorite Mental Pastime

This interesting article in the new issue of PASTE magazine fleshes out a favorite mental pastime of mine, imagining what might have happened if famous bands and artists didn’t die or break up.

Its an enjoyable read, though the premise of the Beatles staying together after Paul leaves/breaks up the band due to Ringo taking charge seems to be a bit…far-fetched? For that matter, John getting the o.k. from Yoko in 1969 seems like a huge flight of fancy, as does Ringo being the final arbiter of what songs they record. Never the less, its fun to think about, and some of the scenarios envisioned seem like they could have been possible.  Its fun to imagine, right?

Like I said, I think about these sorts of things all the time.  For example, if Jimi Hendrix hadn’t died, I imagine his music would have fully evolved into a jazz/fusion direction.  I like to think he would stop playing his hits – going years and years without playing “Purple Haze” and other songs live in concert. Or perhaps he would have radically reinvented the hits. He’d alienate a lot of fans, but I like to think Jimi was the type of artist that he cared more about his musical growth.

What do you think? What would Elvis, Janis and others would be doing today?

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