“Hold Me” by Fleetwood Mac

The super-cool website www.UltimateClassicRock.com recently did a playlist of the Top 10 Christine McVie songs.  I’ve always thought its just not quite Fleetwood Mac without her in the band – she’s such a gifted songwriter with an amazing flair for melody.

“Hold Me” from the album Mirage might be the best Mac song most people don’t know about.  It came out in 1982 and while it was a hit, its nowhere near as recurrent as so many of their other hits.

Summer of 1982 I bought the 45 single and that summer I kept a Top 10 chart of my favorite songs in a notebook.  Being a huge fan and regular listener of Casey Kasem and American Top 40, this was my bedroom attempt at keeping track of my most played songs.  And “Hold Me” was number one for nine consecutive weeks!  What I would give to still have that notebook…

The amazing heavy rotation of that 45 was due to the crush I had on a waitress where I worked that summer, the Jamesport Manor Inn.  The memory is hazy, but she was brunette, with short hair and a round face that filled with a great smile.  She wore khaki shorts a lot and had nice, beefy calves which I loved. Looking back, she may have been a lesbian though I had no idea what that even meant or was back then.  But I was 14 that summer and she was the only person that was nice to this sweaty, husky, dishwasher.

I still have the 45…

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