Cities in Rock 3: Rockford

Rockford, IL and Cheap Trick. From a Rockford native. Great reading.

Eunoia Solstice

I spent a recent Sunday afternoon denying the rowdy street festival happening three floors down, until I heard this drummer warming up on the street corner, emulating staccato jazz runs with accented snare hits and choked cymbals. Whoever was on the kit had his shit together. I took my coffee and went to check this guy out.

Quiet Mark, my neighbor, was sitting on the front stoop. He’s a decent fellow, but off in a way that makes you check your locks again before bed. I said “hi.” He said nothing. I stood next to him anyway. The street was a deluge of graphic tees, plastic beer cups, strollers, and corndogs.

QM finally looked up and said: “Drummer knows his stuff, huh?” I agreed and told him that’s why I’d come down.

“That band from your hometown, what’s it?”

“Cheap Trick.”

“Yeah. That’s a band with great drums, too.” He…

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