Friday’s Five Faves

Friday’s Five Faves


1.) The Ikea Hacker website.  This website is a perennial fave with tons of projects to make things out of virtually everything Ikea sells, for every room in your domecile.  Take a look at this cool hack using the Ikea Lack shelf.

2.) “Black Chandelier” by Biffy Clyro.  Love this song…in the personal heavy rotation now.  Great melody, then it gets heavy.  From the album “Opposites” available here.

3.) This morning’s prostate exam.  If you’re over 40, get one regularly.

4.) This article from City Pages – documenting a documentary about the Twin Cities’ one-man bands.

5.) The Oddfathers’ first video for “Whisper In My Ear”.  I’m biased because I manage the band, but they’re damn good.  And playing Bunkers in Minneapolis, Saturday, June 1




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