This Time of Year/Currently Reading

This is the time of year that I ramp up the running – Spring is here, and thoughts of running and marathons fill my head.  I’m planning on attempting my sixth Twin Cities Marathon (after a two-year layoff from the race) and I’ve always found Dean Karnazes and his books to be a great source of motivation.  I just finished reading his latest book, published last year, called RUN: 26.2 Miles of Blisters and Bliss

Karnazes is famous for running Ultra-Marathons, which is anything over 26.2 miles.  In Karnazes’ case, it should be called ULTRA-ULTRA Marathons because this guy routinely runs 100+ miles at one time.  He’s been known to run 50 to 75 miles to the starting line of a marathon!  He once ran 50 marathons in all 50 states in 50 consecutive days.  The guy is the real deal – he’s a motivational speaker in running shorts.

The book is a quick read:  26.2 chapters (get it?) of anecdotes  advice, and memories of past races.  The guy has accomplished a lot, and while his celebrity status in the world of running have brought the as-expected detractors, you can tell he lives what he believes.

I’m pretty sure I’ll never run an ultra-marathon, but his book inspires me to run, nevertheless.


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