BMW X6: Big & Ugly

I love cars, and am fascinated by car design, and there’s some cars that just drive me crazy.  One example is the fat, bloated and downright ugly BMW X6.  Its a four-wheel drive offshoot of the 5-Series Gran Turismo  itself a big, ugly vehicle.  They both ask the question that wasn’t asked:  what if we put a hatchback on a big BMW sedan?  And what if we made a version that’s an all-wheel drive crossover?

BMW X6 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I don’t understand why BMW thought this was a good idea.  If you want a crossover/SUV BMW there’s the X5 – which over the years has got better-looking.  The X5 looks in proportion; if you’ve ever seen an X6 up close, its big and imposing – not that there’s anything wrong with that, but its design just doesn’t work.  Rather, its the auto-equivalent of that over-sized guy in the aisle seat across from you – you might not be right next to him, but he’s still taking up too much space.Both the X6 and 5-series GT have the traditional BMW styling cues: twin kidney grill, the Hoffmeister kink in the C-pillar and the upper and lower creases along the sides.  Even with those, it still looks like what it is:  a heavy, slab-sided crossover.

I’m not some elitist BMW-hater, though the last few years, most BMWs haven’t been nearly as good looking as most Audis (compare an A8 to the 7-series, for example).   Still, BMWs great reputation of a driver’s car still holds sway and is no doubt still well-deserved; the hulking X6/5-series GT cars might very well be great to drive.  My guess is that with these two, that’s not going to matter.  Its about the name, regardless of the looks.

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