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Jay Mohr
Jay Mohr (Photo credit: Rodon)

Something I should have discovered a long time ago is Jay Mohr‘s Podcast, Mohr Stories.  This recent episode featuring none other than the inimitable David Lee Roth is brilliant.  Jay and Diamond Dave have a great rapport – Jay gets a lot of cool things out of Dave – not that Dave needs much encouragement!  Covering a huge array of topics, including How do they come to decisions in Van Halen?  Not by voting – Jay asks that as Eddie and Alex being brothers they would always be unified, so how does that work?  Dave says the decision making in VH isn’t done by voting but by “Volume, Proximity and Repetition.”  In addition, according to Dave, the band is always rehearsing, particularly when they aren’t on tour.  Lot’s of cool inside information, including how the VH songwriting process works.

I’ll be digging into more Mohr Stories. I’ve always liked Jay – he’s a damn good comedian – and a damn good interviewer.


English: David Lee Roth attending a Fashion Sh...

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