Rick Nielsen on “American Pickers”

Rick Nielsen
Rick Nielsen (Photo credit: bfick)

Well if there’s ever a time I should have a DVR its next Monday, March 11.

That’s when the inimitable Rick Nielsen, guitar player and founder of the incredible Cheap Trick, will be on the History Channel Show American Pickers.

As Rick is one of the foremost guitar collectors in the world this is going to be a cool episode to watch.  But in addition to that Rick is quite the collector of – well, all sorts of things as the amazing exhibit Rick’s Picks, at the Burpee Museum in Rick’s hometown of Rockford, IL has shown (running thru April, get there!).  Apparently the Pickers guys visit some of Rick’s warehouses where there is a smorgasbord of CT and Rick stuff.  There will be a lot of rare and weird guitars I’m sure and if pictures from the Burpee exhibit are any indication there’s all sorts of different items Rick has kept and collected in a 40+ year career in music.

I’m pysched, to say the least!


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