Archer: Thursday Night TV’s Snarkiest – and Best – Comedy

Intertitle from the FX television program Archer
Intertitle from the FX television program Archer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thursday night remains a great night for TV comedy.  Despite 30 Rock ending (on an awesome high note of a season) my jones for fast and snarky comedy is more than satiated thanks to ARCHER.  I fell in love with this show two years ago when it debuted and its politically incorrect brilliance keeps getting better.

While the show ostensibly is about a misfit espionage outfit, ISIS, at its heart its really an office comedy.  Some of the wittiest bits revolve around familiar workplace frustrations – too many forms, office politics, a messy break room…ISIS, essentially, is a hostile work environment.  And freaking FUNNY!

Super spy Sterling Archer is the show’s main character, but there’s always a lot going on with the other characters: fellow spy Lana Cane (voiced by the always-amazing Aisha Tyler), Pam, Krieger, Cyril and of course, Archer’s over-bearing mom, Mallory.  Every episode is filled with innuendo, pop culture references, snark, animated sexiness and flat-out fast wit.

A special call-out to my favorite character (at the moment), the always-inappropriate Human Resources Director Pam.  Holy shit-snacks, she rocks!

The dialogue is always great.  For example, Lana’s penchant for saying “yup” and “nope” is dripping with sarcasm.  Something so simple yet so funny.  Tonight’s episode used the word “taint” at least three times.  See, Archer got bit by a cobra while on a mission in the desert and…seriously, this show is amazing.

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