You’ve Got Mail (Except on Saturdays)

6 Feb

United States Postal Service

So the United States Postal Service (USPS) announced today they are cutting Saturday delivery.  This will save something in the neighborhood of $2 billion a year; we won’t get into here the why and how the USPS got into the financial predicament they are in.  Nor will we mention much that the U.S. Constitution decrees that we have a postal service (whoops, sorry, just did that).

No, I’ll lament for a moment on how I still love to actually get mail.  Wait; yesterday I definitely didn’t like getting mail as one letter was a collection notice and another was yet another bill I’m having difficulty paying off.  Most days there’s still a little bit of anticipation wondering what will be in my mail slot.  Still, to this day.

See, when I was a kid the mail was special.  Every month I would get the new book from the Parents Magazine Press book of the month program.  After moving to NY from CA it became the main way I communicated regularly with my dad (this back when it was a huge deal to call long distance, made even a bigger deal when you live with your grandmother).  For years our regular mailman was my sounding board and heard the latest news about whatever grade I was in.  Many days it was the most normal moment and conversation of my day.  And I thought it was so cool to see the dual steering wheel and pedal set-up in his Dodge/Plymouth truck.  Prior to moving to NY I actually collected stamps and was thrilled to get international stamp sets or the special, collectible NASA/Skylab set.

I was so into getting mail I used to call 1-800 number from TV commercials to get the free info about various products and companies.  I really didn’t have any answer when my grandmother asked why I got a brochure from Craftmatic Adjustable Beds, DeVry or Control Data Institute.

The mail instilled a life-long love affair with magazines as various birthdays in my teens got me subscriptions to Motor Trend and Sport magazines.  And don’t get me started on the record clubs – 10 albums for a PENNY!?!

Every day was a little adventure thanks to the U.S. Mail.


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