Cool News from Jim Breuer

English: Jim Breuer
English: Jim Breuer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been a long-time fan of stand-up comedian and Saturday Night Live alum Jim Breuer.  He’s hysterical…does amazing impressions…if you think he’s only all about Goat Boy, guess again (and I still love that character).

You can find him every Friday afternoon on the Sirius Raw Dog station (channel 99) with his own show and he tours the U.S. regularly.  Today on his show he broke some big news (first hinted at during his awesome interview with Howard Stern earlier in the week) that VH-1 bought a show he pitched this week.  I didn’t get the whole description, but its going to be akin to a Heavy Metal/Hard Rock talk show – with him doing impressions of the rock stars who will be the “hosts”.  Check out his hysterical impression of AC/DC’s Brian Johnson and other (which totally cracked Stern up) Metal Gods like Ozzy or Metallica’s James Hetfield.  

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