Pacquaio – Marquez 4


Once again I’m left wishing I sprung for the PPV as Pacquaio Vs. Marquez 4 was equivalent to Hearns Vs. Hagler in its ferocity and sudden ending.

Already the cw is abuzz: was Marquez juiced?  He did look noticeably bigger, more muscular…and his trainer was busted for steroids dealing (and was involved on the Balco case).   Regardless, for the moment, the fight was amazing and the outcome blew my mind – particularly as Pacquaio was really starting to beat up on Marquez.

At least this time the outcome wasn’t in doubt!  Is Pacquaio done?

Wow.  Just WOW!

Knockout Punch

You know who is kicking himself right now?  Floyd Mayweather.


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