Movies I Always Watch

Cover of "Them! (Snap Case)"
Cover of Them! (Snap Case)

Are there movies that, almost everytime you come across them on TV, you stop and watch?

For me, there’s many…seems like regardless of what else is on, these always will take up some viewing time.  Especially when I turn on the TV 10 minutes or more after the top of the hour (or more than 10 minutes before the top of the hour).  I can’t watch a movie I’ve never seen before unless its from the very beginning.  These movies, below, I can watch almost every time, regardless of when I stumble across it.

Any of the Bourne Identity and Mission Impossible movies

Raisng Arizona

Easy Money

Every Which Way But Loose and Any Which Way You Can

Hunt for Red October (when this first came out actually saw it twice in the same day with some poli-sci majors.  In Potsdam, NY of all places)

Three Kings


Midnight Run


The Untouchables

Dog Day Afternoon

Sixteen Candles

Weird Science

Most Godzilla movies

The Dark Knight

The Princess Bride

That Thing You Do

The more I think of it, this is barely a partial list…hell, there’s probably three or four more Tom Hanks movies alone I can think of…

What are some of your movies that you always stop and watch?

One comment

  1. I realized last night I can now add DISTRICT 9 to this list, which I think is a sci-fi classic. The very premise is so smart and makes you think – as does the irony that the movie takes place in South Africa.


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