A great piece about a great movie!

The Narcissistic (American) Anthropologist

Last night I dined at a local upscale american restaurant owned by three local chefs.   It was Haute Cuisine with a comfort food twist.  Things like duck-fat fried brussel sprouts and a burger called “The McDowell” – after it’s namesake in the movie Coming To America, starring Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall.     There were several items on the menu with movie references names.  But the most common film homage throughout the place was artwork dedicated to “The Dude”:  the main character in The Big Lebowski.  I watched The Big Lebowski for the first time about a year or so ago, after Christmas shopping at a Barnes and Nobles and seeing an old van decorated in Missletoe and lights with the phrase “The Dude Abides” strung across the inside of the back window in party-banner letters.  Being a sucker for quirkiness and knowing that this meme related to the…

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