Rediscovered: “Too Much”

Cheap Trick – my fave band of all-time, has so many great songs – heck, a lot of songs, period, over 30+ years.  As such, there’s a lot to choose from as their music is regularly playing in the car, at home, on the mp3 player at the gym.  So I regularly rediscover the greatness in various songs from various albums.  “Too Much” is one of those songs.  Its a great mid-tempo pop song – the type of song that a.) Cheap Trick has dozens of and b.) and just seems effortless.

Starting off with an acoustic guitar and Robin Zander’s great voice, the melody reminds me of a 70’s pop song…one that I remember remembering, but can’t remember what song its copped from!  Never the less, it works here…then in comes that melodic bass of Tom Petersson – could be a 12-string but Tom will often use a regualr 4-string in the studio.  Bun E. Carlos’ drums are right there, too.  The whole sound is crisp and bright.

The song itself is simple in arrangement but it just works.  The chorus comes in so easily and sticks in your ear…the lyrics are simple but standout.  “Don’t want to see you, again….you’ve taken a little too much….maybe its my fault, o.k.  Swimming in sorrow, all day…I, I swear, you had it all, diamonds and pearls, in time, you’ve taken all mine, now….”

Oddly enough, there’s not a true “chorus” in this song, but like so many CT songs the melody in the verses is so damn good, and what basically amounts to the pre-chours is stellar, too.  Then at 2:12 it kicks in: the BRIDGE!  The bridge is simply perfect, reminding me of that soaring bridge in “Mandocello” – it picks up in intensity, buidling, with Rick Nielsen playing some tasty lead figures underneath the lyrics (“…someday, the flowers so bright, my love…I can’t find no easy way out…”), leading to a terrific and melodic guitar solo (some of my fave solos by Rick are in these mid-tempo songs, the aforementioned “Mandocello” and “All Those Years” from the underrated Rockford  album to name two).

Its a great song, truly.




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