Its official: I hereby declare this to be a KFZ – a Kardashian-Free Zone

Seriously, outside of Kim’s spectacular ass (and it really is a work of art), there’s nothing worth discussing or worth noting about this narcissistic, attention-starved hot mess of a TV family. Nor will I bring them up here.

Except…if you saw the Today Show yesterday you had to be perplexed and probably pissed, too – that they couldn’t honor/observe the 9/11 moment of silence at 8:46 a.m. and  they had to discuss Mother Kardashian’s breast implants – and their expiration date?   And I didn’t know that silicone boobs had an expiration date?  What happens after that date?  Do they feel different?  Taste different?  Alright, that’s enough now.

Pop-culture never fails to interest, disgust, amuse, fascinate, anger, sadden, and often makes me retch…all in the span of five minutes.

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