Cowboys vs. Giants

Watching the NFL opening game tonight, Cowboys Vs. Giants…I’m a Cowboys fan, but knock me down a few pegs on the fandom pole as I have no idea how the team’s preseason went.  Or what the outlook is for this year.  The season snuck up on me…this Summer has been busy!

At any rate, NBC had an interesting graphic up comparing Giants coach Tom Coughlin’s record with the team vs. Bill Parcells’ .  They are nearly equal in number of years with the Giants, wins, losses, playoff appearances…and are equal in Super Bowl appearances and wins, each with two.  But the one difference is how the press in NY treats Coughlin.  Think of it: aren’t we about five weeks away from the NYC media folks to start talking about how “Coughlin has lost the players”?  Every year they lose a few or the offense sputters, or there’s some other drama and the media starts shouting about Coughlin and his rapport with the players, whether he’ll be fired, etc.  Ridiculous.  The guy has done nothing but win there.  Compare how the media treats Coughlin compared to Parcells’ tenure.  You didn’t hear the constant carping like Coughlin does now.

I’m not a Giants fan, but you have to respect and admire Coughlin.  He’s a great coach.

Meanwhile, GO COWBOYS!

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