Pop-Ups, Revamped, Reinvented, Refined.

I love this idea:

The Pop-Up retail location has been a successful trend for several years now, for both retailers large and small. Target has dones some, so have boutiques, book-stores etc.

A program called SQFT in San Francisco is doing something unique and different with the pop-up concept. Their concept is to connect people with cheap, short-term office space in the Mid-Market neighborhood. Their online rent calculator and application process is very cool as well.

For the aspiring and serial entrepreneur this offers a a huge array of possibilities. A one-week Yoga studio? Or coffee shop? Two-week temporary space for a play? Lecture series? Think of it!

This reminded me of an idea I’ve had for awhile, for several empty storefronts around and near my neighborhood. What if a space became a temporary artist-in-residence gallery/shop? Artists can display their works and sell them. The place would be open during the day, with signs and info about the space for prospective commercial tentants. Thinking more of the SQFT idea, what if I presented a similar concept to a landlord? The ideas are starting…

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