What We’re They Thinking?

There’s a big outcry over the fact that the Ralph Lauren-supplied and designed uniforms for the U.S. Olympics Teams were made in China.

My thought is whoever was in charge of procuring and sourcing the various uniforms – and it probably involved a slew of different people – had no idea that the RL likely manufactured their wares overseas.  Or even thought of where these Lauren had the uniform manufactured.

But given that the uniforms were for the UNITED STATES Olympic Team someone should have thought of manufacturing in the U.S.  And there’s plenty of places where it can be done – did you know Hugo Boss manufactures in Ohio?  And of course, there’s American Apparel – surely both of those folks could have been contracted to manufacture?

And on a sartorial side-note, those uniforms look ridiculous.  I appreciate and occasionally wear RL clothes…but those uniforms (at least the ones I’ve seen) look like something Ann & Mitt Romney would wear to their Dressage competitions.


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