Mike Tyson on Pardon the Interruption

Did you see it? 

Iron Mike was on the awesome ESPN show Pardon the Interruption yesteday.  I actually didn’t see it, but heard it discussed today on the Tony Kornheiser podcast of his ESPN Radio show out of D.C.  As always, the great Mr. Tony had some great points to make about Mike, his career and his life.

So Mike is doing a Broadway show – which should be the subject of another post entirely – and he appeared on PTI to discuss that.  Mr. Tony and the also-great Michael Wilbon got Mike to tell a story, that ended up being about his ex-wife Robin Givens.  The story was flat-out wild – and funny in a classless way (talking about how he and Robin would still get together, he was “still hitting it” during the divorce proceedings).  Apparently, during the divorce proceedings he went to her house, in the hopes of knocking boots;  she wasn’t home and was pulling up in her car (Mike: “How did I know it was her car?  I bought it for her.”)And who was in the car with her?  BRAD PITT.  As he bluntly put it, seeing Pitt there just killed the carnal desires and he went like a “wet noodle.”

You can’t make that stuff up.

Mike has done a LOT of bad things in his life.   Yet I’ve always liked Mike and long have followed his life and career.  For a brief minute he truly was the “baddest man on the planet” and went thru the heavyweight ranks like nobody else had.  I swear, in and out of the ring, he was always, and will always be…interesting!

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