New Music from My Favorite Band In the World

My favorite band of all time, since I was in 6th grade is Cheap Trick.

I can wax enthusiastically why this is so and probably will in a futre post.  Hard-core Cheap Trick fans are a loyal lot, and like a lot of loyal fans of bands, we want to hear NEW music.  Its been a few years since Cheap Trick’s last album, the different and very cool album The Latest   released in 2009.   3 years is a long time for a band that’s been around a long time. We get little snippets of news about various studio session but even that is fleeting.  We’re all dying to hear NEW music.

Assuming there are new songs recorded, why wait until 10 or 12 songs for an album are done?

Wouldn’t it be great on top of the tour with Aerosmith and the attendant press and visibility, if they had announced the release of new music?  What if there was a new song premiering here at the website then 24 hrs. later at iTunes,, Spotify, etc., every two weeks?  Monthly?  Just one brand new song released every month.  That’s it. 

The press in each of the tour markets would have something cool to talk about – and the press has been great so far – besides the usual stuff.

THEN – put all those together plus a couple of other additions into a new album release – CD and digital, make the CD package very special.

The days of putting out a single, waiting 6 weeks for the album are over.  Its time for new ideas to keep the loyal – and active – audience engaged!  With our wallets as well as our ears!  🙂

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