Veep on HBO

Have you seen Veep ?  Its the new series that stars Julia Louis-Dreyfuss on HBO.

Last night I had a chance to see the first two episodes.  In a word, its hysterical, smart and snarky.  Julia Louis-Dreyfuss is great – I didn’t ever watch that last series she was in on CBS (what the hell was the name of that show?) – and Veep reminded me how much I love her, how funny she can be with even a facial expression as well as the sharp dialogue.  And even after two episodes there’s already supporting cast folks that I’m invested in and curious to see where it all goes.

It’s as much a work-place comedy as it is a political comedy – imagine 30 Rock crossed with The Office.  I haven’t been this excited about a TV comedy since Archer and Louie (two amazing shows on FX that will be subjects of later posts).  I’m apparently one of the few remaining persons in the U.S. that doesn’t have a DVR (if I did I’d probably never leave the house) but fortunately, there’s HBO On Demand.

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