“Hitless Wonder” – Great New Book

I’ve been saying since about 1994 or so that if there was any justice in the world Watershed would be a superstar band. “Hitless Wonder” documents why they should be, why they aren’t and why there’s no justice in the modern day music biz. Candid, funny, revealing, author and Watershed’s bassist/vocalist Joe Oestreich gives an inside look on how high school friends tried tp pursue the rock dream and how they are now pursuing the rock dream but on their terms.

Full disclosure:  back in 94-95 I worked for Sony Music, the parent company of Watershed’s label, Epic Records.  I was but a small handful of people who tried very hard to make their debut album Twister a priortity for the company.  That’s a post for another time…

Hilarious in parts, bittersweet in others, the book is also a love story – a love story about Joe and music, Joe and his band and also, Joe and his wife.

And if you haven’t yet already checked out Watershed’s music what the hell are you waiting for? For if there was ANY justice in the world…


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