Persistence & Determination

30 Sep

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.” ~Calvin Coolidge


Bon Mots & Bullshit, 9/30

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THE FIRST WSD PODCAST is in the can and published at Podbean! Listen here, and don’t judge – it’s a start and most of all, it’s fun and will improve with the addition of a co-host, interviews and more.

THIS QUOTE IS PERFECT: “The opposite of love isn’t hate – it’s indifference” – from the Arlo & Janis comic strip, of all places.

LAST NIGHT I saw the movie My Blind Brother starring Nick Kroll, Adam Scott and Jenny Slate.  Its a bittersweet romantic comedy about two brothers who both fall in love for the same girl. Scott plays Robbie who is blind; Kroll plays Robbie’s brother Bill. Robbie is an over-achieving egocentric jerk (most of the time) who revels in the adoration his athletic exploits (running marathons, swimming) to benefit charities gets him. Bill’s life is going nowhere; he’s Robbie’s sighted guide for the races and training and is pretty much ignored. They both fall in love with Rose, played by Slate. She’s got her own life issues which is why she first meets Bill, and how she ends up with Robbie. It’s not in any kind of wide-release but worth viewing when you see it in Redbox or streaming soon.

IT’S NOT EASY to put into practice Radical Acceptance.  It should be so easy to just…radically accept that you have to do it, right?

IT’S ALSO NOT EASY to remind myself that my life is great, living and regretting the past takes up far too much energy and I have more in my life, and more to offer, than I ever have before.

I ALSO NEED to lean about and practice the Relaxation Response.

THIS DAY IN HISTORY: September 30, 1955, actor James Dean is killed in a car accidentin 1954, the Nautilus, the world’s first nuclear powered submarine, is commissioned by the U.S. Navy; in 1927 Babe Ruth hit his 60th home run.

A BROKEN CREDIT SCORE can last longer than a broken heart.


New Sirius/XM Talk Show to Talk About…Music


SIRIUS/XM  is launching a new channel October 17, “VOLUME” which will be the first of it’s kind talk radio channel that’s all about music. Given how many podcasts there are that also talk about music, this is a smart move.

When I think of all the hours my friend and I have spent discussing music…this is tailor made for me!  I’m especially excited for Eddie Trunk’s show “Trunk Nation” moving to VOLUME and am really excited for Scott Ian’s (Anthrax) show “Never Meet Your Heroes.”  October 17 I’ll be changing a pre-set button!

From Talkers.com:

SiriusXM Launches Innovative Channel Dedicated to Talk About Music.  The satcaster is dubbing it “VOLUME” and calls it “the first-ever 24/7 talk radio channel dedicated to music — its latest news, raging controversies, and non-stop debates – as the focus of the conversation.”  The channel will consist of daily shows, artist interviews, weekly specials, a music trivia game show, album reviews, and an in-depth docuseries and more siriusxmdealing with all genres of popular music.  SiriusXM president and chief content officer Scott Greenstein says, “Sirius XM has millions of loyal music fans nationwide and now we are giving those fans a place where they can talk about the music they love.  VOLUME will have a deep, all-star roster of talent bringing that conversation only to SiriusXM.  It’s yet another example of SiriusXM delivering unique and exciting content to our subscribers.  Roger Coletti is the executive producer of this channel and his extensive music expertise makes him the ideal person for this ground-breaking channel.”  Some of the shows that will appear on and after the October 17 launch include: live, morning talk show “Feedback” with Nik Carter and veteran magazine editor, entertainment journalist and author Lori Majewski; “Trunk Nation” with DJ Eddie Trunk, who’ll host Metallica’s Lars Ulrich on the debut show; “Debatable” with Mark Goodman and former Spin and Vibe editor and author Alan Light; “Written in My Soul with Bill Flanagan” featuring a series of interviews with legendary musicians, including Robert Plant and Paul Simon; “Rolling Stone Music Now” hosted by Rolling Stone executive editor Nathan Brackett; “Rap Radar Report” hosted by journalist and TV producer Elliott Wilson; “Melissa’s Basement” with Melissa Etheridge (guests booked include David Crosby, Pat Benatar, and Steve Cropper); “Never Meet Your Heroes” with Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian; “True Stories with Kurt Loder”; “The Album Review Show” featuring YouTube star Anthony Fantano; music trivia game “70s 80s 90s Now” with host Jim Shearer; and “The Last of The …” with Ryan Duffy, a journalist, producer and entrepreneur, who will examine the changing landscape in the world of music and tech.


Seven Years Ago?!?

29 Sep

TIME DOES FLY: with the legendary Ace Frehley at Looney Tunes in Long Island. He was two hours late, but it was an an awesome in-store, never the less.

Brian Wilson, Mike Love Tell All in Beach Boy Memoirs – Rolling Stone

28 Sep

“How can such troubled men create such beautiful music? God only knows.”

New books from both singer and songwriter offer opposing takes on the Beach Boy’s legend and have opposing tones:

“I Am Brian Wilson is both soulful and earnest…Good Vibrations is one of the most gleefully petty rock memoirs ever”

Source: Brian Wilson, Mike Love Tell All in Beach Boy Memoirs – Rolling Stone

Reply All Podcast

28 Sep 5230175-A-vintage-looking-microphone-in-front-of-an-old-brick-wall-with-copy-space-Stock-Photo-1

THE Reply All podcast came out of the popular podcast series, Startup last year. As they describe it, Reply All  is “A show about the internet. And trained rats, time travel, celebrity dogs, Mason Reese crying, phone scammers who fall in love, angry flower children, workplace iguanas, and more.”

It’s an example of what I love about podcasts: the sheer variety of interesting topics and stories, that always makes me think. Especially when it’s done right, and Reply All does it right.

Howard Stern’s 50th Anniversary Tribute to “Revolver”

27 Sep beatles-revolver-cover-980x980

THIS LOOKS INTERESTING: Howard Stern today announced a 50th anniversary celebration of The Beatles’s album Revolver.   It will premiere next Friday, October 7.

I’m of course very excited that Cheap Trick recorded a take on “She Said She Said.”  No doubt like their other Beatles covers, this one will be stellar (for those who don’t know, Trick has performed the entire Sgt. Pepper’s album in in its entirety, premiering it at the Hollywood Bowl several years ago). Other artists include O.A.R. doing a version of “I Want To Tell You,”Madisen Ward And The Mama Bear covered “Yellow Submarine,” Jewel added “Eleanor Rigby,” Living Colour tackled “Tomorrow Never Knows,” Grace Potter sang “Good Day Sunshine” and James Taylor laid down “Here There & Everywhere.”

On a side note, probably the best collection of Beatles covers is the I Am Sam soundtrack.

Howard Stern Enlists Rock All-Stars For Tribute To The Beatles ‘Revolver’


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