Ira Glass on Gilbert Gottfried’s Podcast

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ONE OF THE MOST ENJOYABLE, interesting, and funny podcast episodes I’ve heard in awhile is Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast with Ira Glass from This American Life the guest.

For starters, I had no idea Glass was such a big fan of Gottfried and his comedy. I did figure, though, that Glass likey is as much a fan of 70’s movies and TV as Gottfried and his great co-host, Frank Santopadre are. The three of them cover old-school Hollywood (I also always thought everyone were pals and close friends) classic comedy albums, an iconic This American Life episode, Frank Sinatra, and big disaster movies like the “The Poseidon Adventure.” They also cover being “Jewy Jews,” Sammy Davis Jr,  Davy Jones, the legendary Orson Welles, and…Ruth Buzzi!

The stories, anecdotes, riffing and jokes are sublime. At over an hour, it’s the rare podcast episode that didn’t seem that long. Brilliant.


18 Jan

OVERBOARD WITHOUT A LIFE RAFT: I can’t wait to see this new series!  Look at all the comedians in this…this looks like it could be really great, and its from Judd Apatow, too.  Premieres Sunday, February 19. CAN’T WAIT!

#HBO #Crashing #TV 


#HBO #Crashing #TV

WSD Podcast: Episode 8, 1st Episode of 2017

17 Jan

FINALLY, a new episode!  Goals for the new year, pro and college football, the death of Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka and…an attempted Chicken McNuggets robbery. Click here: WSD Podcast: Episode 8, 1st Episode of 2017


Stone Temple Pilots “Core” Is 25-Years Old

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HARD TO BELIEVE, RIGHT?  The debut album from Stone Temple Pilots, the masssive-selling Core, came out 25-years ago – 1992.  The really cool music website Music Aficionado has a great interview with STP’s Dean DeLeo on how the band got signed, the making of the album, the impact it had and more.

I remember hearing “Sex Type Thing” and then “Plush” and grudgingly had to admit that my first impression of the band was wrong – the weren’t Pearl Jam clones. Core isn’t my favorite STP album – Tiny Music…From the Vatican Gift Shop might be, but I can’t deny that its a strong album. They’ve since become one of my favorite bands and I’ll always want to hear anything they do – even without the great Scott Weiland singing.


WSD Podcast: Episode 8, 1st Episode of 2017

15 Jan weapon_of_self_distraction_podcast_logo_1400x1400_1_1

FINALLY, a new episode!  Goals for the new year, pro and college football, the death of Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka and…an attempted Chicken McNuggets robbery.

Click here: Episode 8, 2017    RSS:





A Quote from Breaking Bad

15 Jan


Watching episode 1 of season 3 of Breaking Bad and this line really stood out:

“Self-hatred, guilt…accomplishes nothing. It just stands in the way of true change”

I can speak from decades of experience that the above quote is true.

That line was said by the Narcotics Anonymous group leader (played by the awesome Jere Burns, who was the awesome Wyn Duffy on the awesone Justified. Yes, that’s a lot of awesome.

Paul Stanley of KISS Babysat My Daughter Yesterday | Food Blog

12 Jan

The best story of the day. Rock legends are still just people, too

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