Bonmots & Bullshit, 7/29

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IT’S IMPORTANT to have things to look forward to. Even little things. Do that, find those things, and you’ll increase your happiness.

THE SMARTEST MAN IN THE WORLD is the name of comedian Greg Proops’ podcast. Funny, witty, and really smart commentary on virtually everything and anything, and recorded in front of a live audience:

EVERY GENERATION’S PARENTS are more like a friend to their kid than the previous generation.

SUCCESS IS NOT FINAL failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill.

FEW THINGS ARE BETTER than a campfire.

LETTING GO of a lot of bullshit, and being able to forgive go hand and hand. 

THERE’S FEW THINGS I doubt more than whether or not I’m a good father to my son.

SAW THE MOVIE DEADPOOL the other day. Its the funniest and best comic boom adaptation done so far.



23 Jul

Available wherever you buy books is the brand new BOSS: BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN & THE E STREET BAND – THE ILLUSTRATED HISTORY It’s akin to an encyclopedia – author Gillian G. Gaar exhaustively traces Bruce’s entire life and career, exploring his upbringing and influences, from Asbury Park to today. Every album, tour, and E Street band member is covered. In addition, there’s over 150 photos including candid shots and stunning concert images.

Get a look at the book:



Friday’s Bonmots & Bullshit, 7/22

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“AN UNEXAMINED LIFE IS NOT WORTH LIVING” –  Socrates. Examining that life, however, can be an expensive pain in the ass.

IN THE BEGINNING everyone is on their best behavior.

WHEN A POLITICIAN begins an answer to a question with, “the facts of the matter are…” you can bet there won’t be any facts coming next.

THERE’S TWO TYPES OF PEOPLE in the world: people who do get it, and people who just don’t get it.

JUST BECAUSE you don’t get an answer to a question you’ve asked doesn’t mean there isn’t an answer.

HYPOCRISY is often the biggest creator of irony. And there’s no stature of limitations on hypocrisy, either.

“THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK” seems to happen a lot. I happen to like “kettle, the pot is calling again, line 1.”

I NEVER HAD A SINGLE F**K TO GIVE about Kim, Kanye, or Taylor, either individually or about their “fued.” Though I am a bit surprised that the offending lyric in the song was discovered via Tidal.

COOL PODCAST: Kid Friday, where my son and I were recent guests:


Vintage Airstream Trailers – A Blast From the Past

21 Jul

Airstream trailers:they’re iconic, beautiful, and timeless. You know them when you them and you can still see them on the road.   The website has a cool feature on Airstream trailers; the photos are from the new book, Airstream: America’s World Traveler. Get the book here, or click on the cover below:




Shelter Offers “Unadoptable” Feral Cats to Hunt Rats for Warehouses, Neighborhoods With Huge Success

19 Jul

Dig it. And a reminder of the imporange of spaying and neutering.

Dick Cavett on Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast 

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Hysterical stories of old Hollywood… #nowplaying

“Gilbert and Frank return to the NYC Podfest for a return engagement with their very first guest, legendary talk show host, comic and author Dick Cavett. In a lively (and LIVE) interview, Dick holds court on a host of topics, including World War II propaganda, John Cassavetes’ boozing, the lost “Tonight Show” episodes and the rapier wit of Pat McCormick. Also, Dick chats up Zeppo (and Gummo!), Groucho proposes to Truman Capote, Jack Benny gets the last word and a young Dick meets his idol, Bob Hope. PLUS: Robert Q. Lewis! Claude Rains trivia! Remembering Sig Ruman! Gilbert and Dick share a milkshake! And George Jessel weighs in on Uncle Miltie’s manhood.”

Friday Bonmots & Bullshit: 7/15

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IRONY is the often unintentionally funny byproduct of hindsight that comes from a slew of wrong choices.

WHAT IS ‘POWER POP’? Here’s a perfect example: “5th of July” by Watershed. Ringing, major chords? Check. Lyrics you can instantly relate to? Got it. Big harmonies and a hook that sticks in your head? Nails it. Watershed will be the subject of it’s own post soon. They are beyond amazing and

I FORGOT HOW GOOD IT FEELS to have a phone conversation with your significant other. To have your phone call answered, or a voice mail returned. And how good it feels when she calls you, just because she’s thinking about you.

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