Cameron Crowe and J.J. Abrams Comedy ‘Roadies’ Gets Picked Up by Showtime

15 Oct

Looks interesting!  Not to be confused with the 1980 movie Roadie, starring, among others Meat Loaf and Debbie Harry, which had a terrific soundtrack album, highlighted by an amazing Cheap Trick song (produced by George Martin), “Everything Works (If You Let It)”

Source: Cameron Crowe and J.J. Abrams Comedy ‘Roadies’ Gets Picked Up by Showtime

Give Us Just A Little Bit (a plea to Van Halen)!

8 Oct

THE MIGHTY VAN HALEN’s U.S. tour came to an end a few nights ago, fittingly, at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Where, by all account, the band was on fire (and this isn’t a post about THAT, and David Lee Roth’s voice and all that usual bullshit. I watched a ton of videos from this tour and with a few exceptions he sounded fine and fun. If you want the record, listen to the record. If you want a true live experience with fire and flair, that’s what VH with DLR do nightly. Now, stfu).  Rather, this is about what happens next, now that the tour is done. What will they be doing next?


Except for rumors and innuendo, what the band will do next is, as usual, unknown. Us fans will check the Van Halen News Desk for any nugget of information, scouring the comments for a post from a former guitar tech or some other supposed “insider”.  Will there be a new album? Someone saw Eddie? Dave is in Japan? Who knows! As usual it will be dead silence from the VH camp, save for Wolf, who is pretty active on Instagram – but it’s only VH-related when they’re active.

The silence is maddening…I mean, come on!  The official VH website hasn’t been updated since July 10! JULY 10? Are you fucking kidding me?  NOBODY could post photos while on tour? Behind-the-scenes stuff?  Anything?  Dave’s website used to have a slew of fantastic photos, including behind-the-scenes photos from the last tour, but the website went dark (literally!) before the tour. And now it’s a generic bio site. Horrible.  Dave’s fun web series, “The Roth Show” went dark as well – and ALL the episodes were taken down from You Tube several months ago. That’s all very strange…what was the impetus behind that happening?

Now I love a little mystery – keep fans guessing and wondering. In an age where every move by bands and artists are all over social media, that there we no interviews around the tour (save for Eddie’s interview in Billboard magazine, right before the tour launched, which provided enough fodder for the rumor mill.). Van Halen’s disappearing act, though, is ridiculous. Wouldn’t it be awesome if a post-tour thank you, some video – ANYTHING – was posted at the VH website?  Some photos??

But…maybe the silence and inactivity is the only way they can keep the peace. Hell, maybe its contractually obligated!  Surprisingly, Dave didn’t return fire on Eddie’s comments on him in that Billboard article. After that, we were holding our breath, expecting the tour go off the rails – or not happen at all.

If this what it takes to keep the band together – sigh – so be it, I guess. I’ll wait for the book, I guess (Crazy from the Heat pt. 2? Please, Dave!)

Drives me up the wall, regardless. For now, there’s always You Tube.



16 Sep

Turned 48 recently and a few thoughts came to mind…

I find I can’t remember the things I’m not supposed to forget. I can’t forget the things I don’t want to remember. But that’s nothing new…

And, I’m now eight years past my promise I made to myself to own a Porsche when I turned 40.

“LONG PROMISED ROAD: Carl Wilson, Soul of the Beach Boys – The Biography” out next month

18 Aug

Finally, a bio on Carl Wilson of The Beach Boys.

Publishing at the end of September, Long Promised Road: Carl Wilson, Soul of the Beach Boys – The Biography, is a long overdue bio on someone who I think has not got enough attention in recent years. Brian Wilson of course has received so much attention and deservedly so – Brian’s battling mental illness, his various comebacks, being musically productive is compelling, and he is, after all, still alive (Carl sadly passed away in 1998 at the young age of 51 due to cancer).  I’ve always thought, though, that attention and recognition has obscured the huge contributions Carl made and how important he was to the continued survival of the band after Brian retreated to his bedroom in the late 60’s.  Beyond that, Carl had possibly the most beautiful voice in all of pop music (don’t argue, just listen to “God Only Knows”).

I can’t wait to read it and while I have the PDF of the book, an advance copy should be arriving any day now ((full disclosure: I’m the publicist & marketing manager for the book). I still prefer a physical book!

For me, I’ve always been fascinated with Carl and The Beach Boys music from the late 60’s thru the mid 70’s. It was Carl who really kept the band going, blossoming into a great songwriter.  Those early 70’s albums – Holland, Surf’s Up, Sunflower, Carl & The Passions: So Tough” each have some great songs on them. If not for Carl, those albums wouldn’t exist.  The legendary song “Surfs Up” might have remained unheard without Carl going thru the tapes of the SMILE sessions and painstakingly piecing together for the 1971 Surfs Up album. And Carl blossomed into a great songwriter in his own right.  “Feel Flows”, “Long Promised Road” and “Trader” still sound great today.  It was Carl that tried to keep the Beach Boys from turning into strictly a nostalgia act.  It was a battle that went on throughout the 70’s that most would argue he lost.  Regardless, at the end of the day, its the songs that matter, and fortunately Carl won enough of the battles for The Beach Boys to continue to make great music, mostly without Brian and, also thanks to Carl, became a formidable live act in the early 70’s. The latter due to Carl bringing in Ricky Fataar and Blondie Chaplin.

If you want to read further about Carl and his life this article is worth your time.

Want to enter to win a copy of the book? Go HERE, or click on the book cover, below.

Available September 29

Available September 29

This Day In History

16 Jul

Not only was the first atomic bomb detonated in New Mexico in 1945 in Alamogordo, New Mexico but in 1945 the world’s first parking meter was installed.

Park-O-Meter No. 1 as it was called, made its debut in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on this day in 1935.

“Indignant opponents of the meters considered paying for parking un-American, as it forced drivers to pay what amounted to a tax on their cars, depriving them of their money without due process of law.”

Cheap Trick: “Up The Creek”

29 Jun

A few notes:

  • From the soundtrack to the 80’s movie comedy romp “Up The Creek”
  • Written by Rick Nielsen and Randy Bishop – Rick has said on more than one occasion how much he’s embarrassed and/or hates the song (I can think of at least one other CT song that’s far worse, “Mighty Wings” from the Top Gun soundtrack. Though Robin’s vocals and Rick’s guitar solo I still love).
  • I’ve always loved the song, and this live performance. First, it rocks. Second, it was the first time I saw Rick playing the “Gonna Raise Hell” guitar which to this day might be my favorite guitar he has (and I got to play it once!).
  • It was several years later I realized Rick’s solo is basically copped from Jeff Beck’s “Freeway Jam”. Call it a homage, as Rick is an unabashed fan of Beck, and I would bet he threw that in there more for the humor of doing so, given his dislike for the song.  Love the whammy bar in the solo here.
  • Also, is there anything cooler than the stoic Bun E. Carlos bashing away with that cig dangling?
  • That’s Jon Brant on bass – the second bass player after Tom Petersson left. I was totally enamored with how he held the bass and just banged away in this song.
  • Love Rick’s leap. And looked for a version of Robin’s vest for years. I already had a pair of white Capezzio shoes.
  • The opening riff to the song still puts a big grin on my face.
  • The site of those big screens with the revised logo on either side of Bun E.’s drums made me jump for joy in 1984 when I saw this on TV. I still think they look great.
  • This might be the only live performance of this song. I think the show was called “Rock Palace” and the host was a ridiculously fey Roy Thomas Baker. CT also performed “I Can’t Take It” and “She’s Tight” on the broadcast. And there was a horrible band called Zot on it as well. So 80’s.
  • I recorded it with my trusty top-loading VCR (which cost a whopping $600 – the first of a lifetime of expensive purchases I would later come to regret) and damn near wore the tape out. I watched it so many times.
  • The soundtrack featured not only Cheap Trick, but also Heart, Kick Axe, Shooting Star, The Beach Boys, Ian Hunter – basically a slew of mid-80’s CBS Records/Epic Records rock vets.
  • One of the soundtrack’s co-producers was Spencer Proffer, who produced the Quiet Riot’s huge-selling debut album, Metal Health.  The entire album has that big drum sound – all played by Frankie Banali, QR’s drummer. Including “Up The Creek”

Jason Alexander Finally Revealed The Real Reason Susan Was Killed On ‘Seinfeld’

3 Jun Featured Image -- 1632


“Seinfeld is one of the few, if not only series in the history of television that has successfully managed to kill off a long-running character as a punchline.” And now we know why!

Originally posted on UPROXX:


Seinfeld is one of the few, if not only series in the history of television that has successfully managed to kill off a long-running character as a punchline. You have to admit, it was a bold decision to kill Susan, George Costanza’s on again-off again girlfriend, temporary lesbian and eventual fiancee; but it worked given that Susan Biddle Ross was that unlikable of a character, even amongst a bunch of terrible people.

As Jason Alexander told Howard Stern this morning on his radio show, the decision wasn’t purely from a comedy standpoint. The cast of Seinfeld, particularly Alexander himself, loathed working with Heidi Swedberg, the actress who played Susan. There was nothing scandalous going on behind the scenes, though, as Alexander assures Howard that Swedberg herself was a perfectly lovely girl, but acting with her was apparently not unlike trying to mix oil and water.

So, it goes without saying…

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